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Welcome to the USOSWeb service
of the University of Opole


Lost password

If you lost your password, use the password recovery function. A link for setting a new password will be send to your private email address.
If you can’t reset the password, you need to update your private email address at the dean’s office.

The Archive of Theses of the University of Opole

Token registration

Token registration for PE courses in the USOSweb service

Technical notice!

Every day at 6am, 11am and 4pm data synchronization is performed and the USOSWeb system can be unavailable for about 20 minutes at those times. All the information entered on a given day is visible only after a synchronisation (it applies also to passwords generated in the Dean's Office)

The FORTHEM Alliance
is offering its students free online courses and workshops in English that help with career orientation, job applications as well as key soft and communication skills.

More info HERE
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